Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Achievement Report - March 9, 2013

I am participating in the Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge (I'm the leader of Team Lazy Eye), so I've decided to provide a little report at the end of each scoring period (7 PM Eastern on Saturdays) of the achievements I earned and my thoughts on them.  It's kind of a series of mini-reviews of achievements, and here's volume I:

This week was pretty lean, as I devoted most of my time to completing Runner2.  The last few achievements (Completing all 90 Rewards and getting Triple Perfect+ on every level) are terribly time-consuming as they require you to go through each level at least three times.  It's not too hard, especially after completing each stage on Rather Hard, but it's quite a grind.  I had a little over 19 hours of playtime when I nabbed the last achievement, making it a pretty long completion for an XBLA platformer.

I picked up the Tricked Out achievement in Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.  I'm still one short of completing that game, but I can't even find the pie that unlocks the last challenge level, so I'm stuck for now.  I'm hoping that somebody will come up with a guide to show where all those pies are hiding, but until then, I think I'm going to table this game.

So that was this week.  I played a couple of fun arcade games, but not a whole lot else.

See you next time.

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