Sunday, January 24, 2016

GTASC 2016: Week 2 Report

Another week down, and 385 teams remain.  Here's what I was up to this week:

Rare Replay - 966 TA Score - This week, I focused on Atic Atac, Lunar Jetman, and Killer Instinct Gold.

Atic Atac and Lunar Jetman are older games like the ones I played last week, and they also aged terribly.  Lunar Jetman in particular is trash - really awkward controls and plagued with awful slowdown when too many objects are on screen.  It's all characteristic of the earliest video games, but it made grinding out the achievements a pain.  Granted, the in-game cheats make it doable, but it still sucked.

For Killer Instinct Gold, I just got the easy achievements for playing each game mode and playing as all characters.  I spent maybe 10 minutes in the game, which I'm putting off because I usually need a lot of practice to do decently at fighting games, and I'm not quite ready to make that commitment.

Neverwinter - 0 TA Score - More of the same grind, completing daily quests and slowly working to level 70.  No achievements this week, but I did sink a decent amount of time into it.

Just Dance 2014 - 146 TA Score - Also similar to last week's activity, but I managed to wipe up a few random achievements in this one.  The bulk of the points came from winning all the game's dance battles (which was pretty easy, to be honest), but I also kept working towards 5 stars on every song.

Polychromatic - 888 TA Score - Polychromatic is an old-school, arcade-style shoot 'em up, with all the usual pros and cons - it's challenging and can be exciting to continually push for a higher score, but it gets repetitive pretty quickly.  Still, this type of game is typically good for a decent chunk of TA Score, and while I still haven't earned the hardest achievements, over 800 points in about an hour-and-a-half of gameplay is a great contribution to my team.

And at that point, I stepped back as it seemed we had reached a safe score for the week.  We're still in the opening weeks of the contest, so we haven't reached the point where each scoring period will be a challenge.  Gotta keep pacing myself.

That's what I've been up to this week; what have you been playing?

Until next time, have a good one!

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