Sunday, February 14, 2016

GTASC 2016: Week 5 Report

Good God, the competition this year has been fierce.  We survived this week, but I worry about our long-term chances.

Regardless, here are the games that've been in my console this week:

Pneuma: Breath of Life - 1183 Points - I started the week with an interesting little puzzle game. While I enjoyed the gameplay quite a bit, the narrator is really annoying, and the whole thing is awfully short.  Still, it was good for over 1000 points in only a couple hours, so it helped me start this scoring period off right.

Just Dance 2014 - 194 Points - I'm a big fan of dance games right now because they give a nice opportunity for some exercise while contributing to the GTASC cause.  This week, I nabbed the achievement for getting 3 stars in each song.  The next big step of going to 5 is going to be tough.

Sacred Citadel - 486 Points - More Sacred Citadel as well.  I finished all the level challenges, which were more tedious than difficult, and knocked out a few other random things.  It's clear at this point that completing this game will just take time, as nothing about it is particularly hard.  Among the remaining time-consuming goals?  Playing through the entire game three more times.  Joy.

Double Dragon Neon - 404 Points - Because I haven't gotten my fill of beat 'em ups with awkward controls, I played through this one.  It's silly, which is easily the game's biggest strength, but that doesn't make up for the generally clunky combat.  There is some potential buried inside, so if you're willing to work past the initial frustration of coarse movement controls, you might have a fair bit of fun on the harder difficulties.

Dance Central 2 - 264 Points - More dance games!  I was getting tired of grinding the same songs over and over, so I popped this one in for a little more diversity.  Unfortunately, I'm a little disappointed with this game's soundtrack overall; it has some quality songs, but a lot of them are not things I'm really interested in playing.  We'll have to see how I feel after dedicating a bit more time to it.

On Friday morning, our team was in a pretty rough spot, already being below the elimination line.  As such, I whipped out some of the games I'd been saving that I knew could yield some points without too much effort:

The Raven - 529 Points - This game is essentially a terrible point-and-click adventure.  Maybe it's just a consequence of the Xbox's control scheme, but it blows my mind how incredibly frustrating this game is to control.  It's absolutely miserable.  And the storyline isn't all that interesting, either.  In short: stay away (unless you're desperate for some achievements, in which case, follow a guide and don't look back).

Velocity 2X - 1221 Points - Velocity 2X is easily my favorite of the games I played this week.  Nothing else even comes close to competing for that honor.  It's fast-paced action with awesome visuals and a high skill ceiling.  I'm really going to enjoy working towards the "perfect" medal achievements, even if it's going to be insanely hard.

Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition - 25 Points - I loved the Tomb Raider reboot from a few years ago, and I'm quite excited to play Rise of the Tomb Raider sometime soon.  Before that, though, I want to replay the previous game, so why not stack some achievements along the way?

As is tradition, I completed daily challenges for Magic Duels and Kinectimals Unleashed, too.  I also did some work in Neverwinter, chugging away at the various campaigns (including the new one that was released for the Xbox this week!).  More of the same for each of these, so not much to report.

Here's hoping next week is a little less stressful...

Tell me about what you've been playing recently!

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