Sunday, February 7, 2016

GTASC 2016: Week 4 Report

Hoooooo boy.  This week was another scary one, though this time for good reason - going into the last 8 hours of the scoring period, we were about 100 points below the elimination line.  I busted out some of my quick-and-easy achievements to keep us above the threshold.  I think I've been a bit too conservative with my achievements,so it's probably worth pushing a bit harder in the near future.

Even so, here's what I was playing this week:

Neverwinter -  90 Points - Same as last week - grinding campaigns, not much else to say.  I did pop one achievement for completing one of the epic dungeons, but the others are still a bit beyond my reach (unless I end up with somebody who can carry me through, but those people seem quite rare).

Sacred Citadel - 381 Points - Sacred Citadel is the newest free "Game with Gold" for the 360, so I started that sucker up this week.  It's a pretty disappointing beat 'em up, where, among other things, it is far too easy to stun lock enemies (and be stun locked by them).  I played through every stage, so the only remaining achievements are going to be rather grindy affairs.  I'll probably work on that slowly over the next few weeks.

Far Cry 4 - 1241 Points - Oh, boy, Far Cry 4.  Despite having a favorable opinion of Far Cry 3, I hated this one when I started playing it last summer.  The driving mechanics are awkward, it's frustratingly difficult to trigger the on-screen prompts to interact with objects, it's impossible to engage in melee combat with enemies (because they always knock you down before you can connect), the map is huge and vehicles are surprisingly hard to find, and the random wildlife annoyingly gets in the way.  It's just not fun.

Still, I started it up again this week when a teammate wanted to try to knock out the coop achievements.  We weren't able to get those done (we can't connect to each other for some reason, despite being able to do coop with randoms online), but the effort inspired me to work on the single-player campaign.  I've now completed the story, so it's just a matter of cleanup from here.

Rare Replay - 373 Points - This was my "quick-and-easy" desperation move. In under half an hour, I earned nearly 400 points.  It would've been nice to save those for later, but the peace of mind they gave was totally worth it.  Here's hoping I won't have to whip something like this out again next week...

Magic Duels and Kinectimals Unleashed, too, though I (still) didn't earn any points in either this week.

But enough about me, what have you been playing this week?

Until next time, have a good one!

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