Saturday, May 11, 2013

Achievement Report - May 11, 2013

This week was a lot more exciting for me, following up last week's Magic bender with a bunch of gaming and achievements across the board.

We had yet another week of Team Lazy Eye success, surviving elimination along with 61 other teams.

My Xboxing this week was limited to two games:

Initially, Kinect Sports struck me as everything a motion-controlled sports game should be.  After playing for a bit, some of the limitations of the Kinect sensor start to pop up, as precise controls are occasionally very difficult to pull off.  I cannot, for example, figure out how to consistently aim a corner kick shot in the soccer game.  Regardless, I've had a fair amount of fun with it.

The achievements, on the other hand, seem like they'll be a monster to take down.  Many are pretty straightforward (simply winning in each type of game will give you several achievements already), but many are going to be very hard (winning a table tennis match against a hard AI opponent without conceding a point sounds impossible), so it'll likely be a difficult completion.

The second game was another that I started this week: the PC version of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  I had already played the Xbox version, but I found it to be a little lackluster; I was hoping the mouse/keyboard control scheme would make the game more fun (as I think it usually true for shooters).  Unfortunately, Operation Raccoon City really feels like a crappy port (it was released on PC a bit after the console release), so I'm kind of disappointed with it all around.

As for achievements, the PC version seems like it'll be as tough as the console version - the difficulty related achievements will certainly be a challenge, and the multiplayer is totally dead, so those achievements will require boosting of some sort.  It's overall a disappointing entry into the Resident Evil franchise...

Kingdom of Loathing
KoL has been taking a bit of a backseat for me lately.  Although I still love everything about the game, I'm not finding enough time to give it the proper attention each day (I'm also experiencing huge spikes of lag, which makes everything that much harder).

Even so, I managed to hit an unexpected milestone this week: I completed a 5-day, <1000 turn Hardcore Avatar of Jarlsberg ascension!  It's awesome that I was able pass that threshold before the end of the AoJ season (which will end next week) but a bit of a disappointment as I haven't really been able to capitalize on the extra karma for quicker ascensions.

Still one day behind my shortest ascension ever...
Either way, AoJ is coming to a close soon, so I'm really looking forward to what the next challenge path will bring.

StarCraft II
My biggest StarCraft news is that my regular 2v2 partner is available again, so we rocked some twos this week.  As a team, we're getting pretty good at holding off silly cheeses, successfully navigating bunker rushes, early pool pressure, and proxy gateways, so I think we're emerging from the cheese-dominated lower tier.  To push any higher, I think we're just going to develop better mechanics for longer macro games because the games we lose tend to be ones that seem close for a long while.

As I tend to play random in big team games and vs. AI, I've been getting a good amount of practice with each of the races.  I still can't quite settle on a comfortable Terran strategy, though - I tend to prefer being super aggressive, so lots of ling pressure into mutas or blink stalkers fit my playstyle quite nicely.  I've tried strong reaper openings, but I can't maintain that kind of aggressive pressure through the late game, mainly because reapers can't shoot up (so void rays or mutas will wreck my day).  I just can't get my mind around Terran play, it seems...

So... close...
Still, I'm drawing closer to the maximum level with all three races, needing only a few more levels with Terran to get there.  Huzzah!

Guild Wars
And to round out the week, I spent a number of hours chugging away at Guild Wars.  My new mesmer character made it up to Fort Ranik, but failed miserably in his first attempt to complete the mission (which you can watch in the twitch VODs).

I then tested and (slightly) refined a hero setup for solo + hero runs through late-game Guild Wars content.  Although I've been adapting a build designed for an elementalist, I have worked towards adapting it to my main character (dervish).  These VODs are also available on twitch.  I hope to be able to use this build to max out my Hall of Monuments (or at least build up enough Guild Wars 2 Rewards Points to get all the in-game rewards for Guild Wars 2), which I'll be slowly working out over the next months.

I've also launched a youtube channel.  Granted, I'm probably just going to upload videos from my stream, but it's another way to watch my gaming endeavors.  So that's pretty cool.

Anyhow, I have a lot on my gaming plate for the next week, so I'd better get to it.  Until then, tschüss.

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