Saturday, May 4, 2013

Achievement Report - May 4, 2013

Another very slow week, I wasn't able to game nearly as much as I would've liked.  Fortunately the rest of my team carried us in the GTASC, so we've survived to another week (only 64 teams left!).

I earned exactly one achievement this week: "Learner" in Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements, another game that's been in my library for about a year now.  It doesn't seem like a horrible game, but it's definitely on the bad side of average.  I still haven't played enough of it to get a feel for how difficult/annoying the achievement list is, so I'll hold off on those sorts of comments for now.

Kingdom of Loathing
I had a similarly lackluster week in the Kingdom because I wasn't able to play every day this week.  As a result, my only accomplishment was finishing another run several days behind schedule.

Moving forward: If I can get back on track and manage 6-day Avatar of Jarlsberg runs, I should be able to complete two more before the end of the challenge season.  That would give me enough bonus karma to be able to make the remaining primary class skills hardcore permanent (there are only four that I don't already have) plus the remaining sea skills and a couple others.  I'm drawing ever closer to marking all the game's skills hardcore permanent, although it'll still probably take another year to get enough karma for everything.  At least I'm almost done with everything except special skills.

Once the next challenge path is released, I think I'll go for one more AoJ run to grab the trophy for hitting level 30, which I'll also use as an excuse to get one of the other level 30 trophies and to complete another Basement run for my fifth telescope piece.  After that, giving the new challenge path a whirl should finish out the month.

StarCraft II
I actually spent the more time playing StarCraft than anything else this week.  The only major milestone was nabbing the 3v3 Versus AI Coverage: Elite, which means I can move on the 2v2 vs Elite AI achievements.  I'm getting close to finishing all the versus AI achievements, which I find really exciting as it means I'll be able to focus entirely on the competitive ladder.

And that's basically it.  I hope to get a lot more gaming done in the next week.  Until then, tschüss.

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