Saturday, June 1, 2013

Achievement Report - June 1, 2013

I had a number of specific gaming goals for this week; here's how they turned out:

My first order of business this week was to earn another simple achievement in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PC) - Down Boy for killing 13 zombie dogs.  It's not much, but it's progress.

I then spent some time working my way through Pid, which is a really cute (and pretty tough) platformer.  Completing a single run through the game isn't too bad, but hard mode is a beast and some of the hidden items can be pretty tricky.  This one's another long-term investment for a full completion.

Rhythm Party was another source of frustration this week, as I struggled to unlock the last few achievements.   I still haven't been able to get a AAA rating on the last song, and I can't manage to maintain constant rhythm tricks throughout a song, so I have some more awkward flailing in my future.

Next I discovered that the title update for Happy Wars introduced several new achievements, so I downloaded that game again and starting grinding towards level 50.  I nabbed one achievement in the process, but it seems like it's going to take a while to complete this game again.

Despite last week's goal of earning 1,500 TA Score for my team in the GTASC, I held off this week because my teammates did an excellent job of keeping us in the top 30 for the week.  We were pretty safe from elimination, so I figured I'd save some achievements for future weeks.

Kingdom of Loathing
I didn't even come close to completing this week's KoL goal, only hitting level 25 this whole week.  Maybe I'll be able to bridge that gap this week...

It wasn't a total failure, though, as I managed to grab the trophy for using 40 4-d cameras.  One more down!

Professional Photographer is now on the shelf!

StarCraft II
I didn't play much StarCraft II this week, only winning enough vs. AI matches to get up to the 100 wins vs. Elite AI achievement.  I really can't wait to be done with the Terran race wins vs. AI, because all these Terran games are really wearing me down...

Playing Terran in every game is getting to me.

Guild Wars
This week saw a big jump in my Hall of Monuments rewards points, as I finally completed the Guardian of Cantha title and I acquired the last piece of Elite Luxon armor for my assassin character (which brings me up to three elite armor sets).  That gives me 24 of the 30 rewards points necessary to get all in-game rewards in Guild Wars 2, so I hope to be able to make that happen sometime reasonably soon.  For now, though, I'll just keep grinding away.

Remaining Guardian and Zaishen title progress.
I also completed the Ruins of Surmia and Nolani Academy missions on my new roleplaying character, thus completing both of my Guild Wars goals for the week.  Check out the VODs here.

New Goals
I found last week's specific goals to be a good correction to my usual aimlessness, so I think I'll continue throwing out an idea or two for each of the major games I'm playing:

GTASC: I've been playing a lot of Arcade games lately, so I think I'd like to mix it up this week and go back to one (or more) of the retail games in my collection.  Here's hoping I can get a completion or two this week.
Kingdom of Loathing: I think this week will sadly be more of the same, as powerleveling is going to be a lot more expensive for an Avatar of Jarlsberg.  Hopefully I can actually get those last five levels this week.
StarCraft II: I really don't want to come back to playing Terran exclusively for a long while, so I'd like to chip away at the 250 wins against AI as Terran - fifteen more wins this week ought to be reasonable.
Guild Wars: My next major goal is to complete the Guardian titles on my main character, so I think completing eight more missions on Hard Mode this week is doable.

So I have some specific directions I'd like to pursue in the next seven days; we'll see where I stand next Saturday.  Until then, tschüss.

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