Sunday, June 9, 2013

Achievement Report - June 8, 2013

My gaming this week was skewed very heavily towards my Xbox...

Seeing as the title update achievements in Happy Wars are going to be time consuming, I hope to play a match or two each day to grind it out.  In my first session of the new week, however, I managed to get "The Godlike Swordsman" for 1000 kills as a Warrior, so that was a pretty nice start to this scoring period.

Making good on one of last week's goals, I started Nier, and it instantly dominated my gaming life.  Although it's a beautiful game, the achievements are brutal, with several requiring hours upon hours of grinding.  I still sunk well over 30 hours in the game over the last week, and I'm still pretty far from getting it done.

And that was pretty much it.  I contribute 957 TA Score to my team over the course of the week, so it was reasonably successful (even if not quite up to the goals I set last week).

Kingdom of Loathing
The slow grind to level 30 got to me this week, so I started powerleveling.  It didn't hurt that somebody dropped a little under 500,000 meat in my store, which allowed me to fund some trips to Hamburglaris to take advantage of the scaling monsters and to farm some lunar isotopes (some to sell and some for epic food and booze).

My last two level 30 trophies.
Once hitting level 30, I made my way to Fernswarthy's Basement to get another telescope piece.  I was ultimately successful, and I began a new BIG! challenge path run.  I'm not too impressed by the BIG! path; starting everything at level 15 is a cool idea, but the general lack of new content is disappointing.  I think it would have been a lot cooler if it had a more interesting restriction (like every other challenge path - +ML across the board isn't clever or exciting), but as it stands, I don't think I'll be doing another BIG! run.

My fifth telescope piece!  Only 2 more!
This summer might be a good time to focus on aftercore activities on account of the disappointing challenge path.  I may venture into Hobopolis in the coming months.

The last couple days have been filled with many hours of Magic (which I'll talk about in this week's edition of Monday Magic), which combined with all my time on Nier led to never booting StarCraft or Guild Wars up.  Eh, I had a lot of fun anyway.

I also won't be giving myself concrete goals this week, as I'm planning to grind Nier and Happy Wars quite a bit.  Maybe I'll do something more exciting by the end of next week, but until then, tschüss.

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