Saturday, April 13, 2013

Achievement Report - April 13, 2013

This week has been another random cleanup week for achievement hunting.  Things were looking pretty grim for Team Lazy Eye in the final hours of this week's scoring period.  Despite racking up another thousand TA score with an hour to spare, we're not in the clear yet - due to problems with Xbox Live, the organizers have delayed this week's elimination.  Now six teams will be eliminated next weekend, and scores won't be reset today, so we still need to dig out of this hole...

Here's what I've done this week, though:

I continued to work on the Tomb Raider multiplayer, trying to reach level 60 and be done with it.  Unfortunately, I ran into a series of weird glitches (including, among other things, unlocking the Shopaholic achievement well before I had really earned it), and the next day all my multiplayer progress had been reset.  Now I'll have to grind up to level 60 from scratch.  That probably won't happen for quite some time...

I also continued the slow process of crafting better armor and weapons in Terraria this week.  I grabbed a couple achievements, including one for defeating my first hard mode boss, and I managed to get a full set of Adamantite Armor, which is the best armor I can currently make.  I also nabbed one of the pets (there are apparently five total), so I'm slowly making all kinds of progress.  I figure I'm probably still a few dozen hours from full completion, but it's still an entertaining ride, so I'm not complaining.

For a new game, I've been playing Toy Soldiers.  I've been a sucker for tower defenses since playing Wintermaul in Warcraft III, and Toy Soldiers definitely satisfies that desire.  It's not a bad game, and most of the achievements seem pretty straightforward (a lot are story-related), and those that aren't straightforward look to be easily obtained (there's a level select screen).  The biggest problem I'm facing with this game is that it's not really fun for long stretches, only in really short bursts, so it's hard to power through all the achievements.

Today, I started up another new one: Retro City Rampage.  After only 6-7 hours of playtime, I've finished the story and have almost wiped up all the achievements.  So, from an achievement point of view, Retro City Rampage is easy-peasy, doable in under 10 hours of game time.

In non-GTASC gaming, I barely scraped another 7-day Avatar of Jarlsberg ascension in KoL this week.  After going into day 7 in fantastic position (I was about 25 turns away from the end of the war at the end of day 6), I nearly lost it when it took over 80 adventures to get a disease to pass the tower, and another 20 to get powdered organs.  Still, I finished with 17 turns to spare, so I've started yet another AoJ run.  I'm hoping to finish this one in 6 days, but that's obviously going to depend on some RNG love.  We'll see...

Oh, I also forgot to mention last week that I managed to get third place in the Hyrule clan ascension contest with my 19-day 100% Black Cat run in Bad Moon.  My prize was a shiny (?) Rock Lobster, which runs about 900k in the mall.  Sweet!

My newest baby.

As usual, I have played a number of StarCraft II matches as well, getting a couple dozen more Team Random wins.  I played a few vs. AI games, too, trying to finish the Race Command achievements, and managed to snag some wins against Elite AI.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected (either Elite is softer than the Very Hard AI used to be, or I really have gotten a lot better at the game over the last few years), so the vs AI Elite achievements may not be totally out of reach.  I'll keep giving it a shot in the next few weeks and see what happens.

I also hit 250 Team Protoss wins.  I still need about 400 more Random wins, then I'll have to clean up the specific race achievements.  Terran's going to be nasty...  Slow and steady, but I'm definitely getting there.

Also a measure of my relative skill with the three races...

And that's it for this week.  I have some big plans for the next week, so hopefully I'll have something exciting to report come this time next Saturday.  Until then, tschüss.

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