Saturday, April 20, 2013

Achievement Report - April 20, 2013

Another week down, another week that Team Lazy Eye has avoided elimination in the GTASC.


One of the first things I did in this scoring period was complete Retro City Rampage (and wrote my review).  The full completion only took me about 8 hours in-game.  I used a guide to help me find the last few collectibles, but other than that, it just took a little trial and error and some patience.  Quick and easy.

I then started Realms of Ancient Wars, which is a pretty simple hack n' slash game.  It's not terribly hard, but it's also pretty repetitive, so I'm not having a whole lot of fun with it.  All but one of the achievements can be earned in a single playthrough, but the last one requires three playthroughs total; I'm really not looking forward to that grind...

I got a bunch of achievements in Kinect Party, too.  This game is one of several that I downloaded ages ago, but I only recently busted it out because I knew it would give me some quick achievements for more of a GTASC buffer.  Most of the Gamerscore is easy to obtain, but there are a couple that require multiple people (or multiple people-like proxies to trick Kinect), and a few that require you to share photos on Facebook.  Yeah, I'm not doing that unless I create a fake Facebook account for that purpose specifically...

As my final Xbox game for the week, I started Bomberman: Act Zero.  The game has a terrible reputation, and my initial impressions were pretty bad, but as I played it, I realized it's not the worst thing I could be playing.  I was even having some fun with it.  Now, earning all the achievements will be one hell of a grind, requiring something like 18 days of game time, but taken in small chunks, it doesn't seem like it'll be any worse than any other time consuming achievements.

Kingdom of Loathing

In the Kingdom of Loathing, I've kept going at about the same pace.  I finished another 7-day Jarlsberg run. I think I could've finished that one in 6-days, but I wasn't able to play much on day 6, so I took care of my diet for the day and waited until the next to get it done.

My last few AoJ runs.
I'm getting into a pretty stable holding pattern for required turns (~1100), but I think I can shave another day off because getting Lunch Like a King and eating two Omega Sundaes on day one will give me a sizable boost in turn generation.  I'd like to drop below a 1000-turn run as well, if possible, but I don't see any obvious ways to speed up my runs at this point.

Basically, my KoL accomplishments this week have been more of the same.


In StarCraft II, I've been focusing more on knocking out the Elite AI achievements than anything else.  I've continued chipping away at the random 3v3 ladder, but the biggest highlight is that I managed to get the achievement for a 15 win streak against Elite AI in 3v3.  I've very nearly earned the 3v3 coverage achievement (beating Elite AI with each of the possible race combinations), missing only 3 Zerg, so that's decent progress on the AI front.

My current levels with each race.
And, because I'm playing Heart of the Swarm, I'm getting closer to the maximum level with each race.  It shouldn't be too long before I get all three up to level 30!

Guild Wars

This week also brought a new endeavor: I plan to play through all of the Guild Wars campaigns on my stream.  I've only completed one session so far, but I'm having a blast with it - check out my stream or watch the VODs for some old-school MMORPG action.

My newly-created character demands it!
So, that's what I've been up to this week.  I hope I can keep juggling all these things into the next few weeks.  Until then, tschüss.

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